Thing that always surprises me is how George Clooney still seems to able and finds the time to write these type of complicated scripts and directs these difficult sort of movies. He always comes across as a totally different person and one that seems far more busy with other things (young beautiful women mostly). Movies like this always makes me respect him more and more, even though this definitely is not his best work.

Really the biggest problem I had with this movie was that it wasn't doing or telling you anything new. It's a political movie about the dirty side of a presidential campaign, which involves lots of backstabbing, lying, false promises and things like that. But really, is this anything new to people? In that regard this movie does feel a bit like a redundant one, at what it is doing and trying to say.

It could had all still worked out well and effective if the movie was a bit of a more involving and surprising one. But the movie really doesn't always succeeds at intriguing you by doing or telling you anything new or all that interesting. It's really a movie that could had gone a step further with its premise and could had become a bit of a more dirty one to watch but the movie however never really does so. You could definitely say this movie is lacking some depth and bite at times.

But really, this still remains a good watch. Of course especially when you are into political movies, this still remains one fine movie to watch because of its story and actors involved.

And the movie does truly has an all-star cast in it. Clooney himself really isn't all that much in this movie, despite the fact that he is still getting prominently featured on all of the posters and such. It's just because his name sells of course but it truly is Ryan Gosling who plays the one and only true big role of this movie. Everybody else is a secondary one really and has a limited amount of screen time in this. This goes for fine actors such as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Evan Rachel Wood, Marisa Tomei and Jeffrey Wright, who all still manage to impress with their roles.

And despite everything, this also still remains a well made movie. It's technically well directed and the sort of movie that lets its actors do most of the work and tell most of the movie its story. It perhaps is a bit of a movie that disappoints but it really never becomes a terrible one, in any sort of way. It really is not a punishment to watch this movie, also because it's a quite short one and therefore never starts to drag or become a boring one.


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