Now, I do admit that I'm not the biggest fan of claustrophobic movies, as I would call them. The sort of movies that are being almost completely set in a small confinement. Movies like "Phone Booth", "Buried", "Panic Room". It's not like I hate those movie but it's just so that you can only do so much with its concept, before things are starting to feel stretched and worn out or just incredibly far fetched. And boy, is this movie far fetched!

To be honest, I really wasn't hating on this movie at first. It was simply fine enough for what it was and I was somewhat entertained by it all. Not that the movie ever becomes truly tense or exciting with its story but it was all really good enough to keep me interested and wanted to see where it was going with its story and mystery.

However, the further the movie started to progress, the more ridicules and unlikely things were getting and the more obvious it started to become where the movie was heading at. I still was hopeful and wishing for it that the movie would be doing something different and more clever but unfortunately no. The movie did the worst possible thing it could had done, in its final 15 minutes or so. I don't know what is worse about it; that it actually ended on such a bad note, or that I could see the ending coming from miles away already. I'm serious, the cop out ending almost ruined the complete movie for me and I felt so let down and angry by it all. It gets all the more worse once you start thinking back about the entire movie. All of the things that happened in it suddenly start to seem even more unlikely and just plain ridicules when you do so and it makes you never want to watch this movie again.

But I need to be fair. Since I still enjoyed the movie for most part, I just can't rate it as a complete train-wreck, no matter how tempted I am right now. The movie has its moments, especially at its start, when you still have no idea what is going on.

But still, I obviously can't recommend this movie to anyone! As a matter of fact, I would urge people to never see it, since chances are you will be just as let down and angered by its lame and just horrible ending, just as I was.


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