Can't really say I enjoyed watching this movie. Visually it's a great movie to look at but other than that, this movie has far too little else to offer.

Most people are hating on this movie because it's filled with historical inaccuracies and basically non of it is based on any facts, even though the movie presents itself as if its telling a true and historical story, concerning Shakespeare and his well known stage-plays. This however was not the problem I had with its story. Actually I don't see anything wrong with it. I mean, if it takes an entertaining but yet fictional story to get more people interested in Shakespeare, than so be it and I don't have a problem with this at all. But thing I do have a problem with is that the story of this movie just isn't much good really.

It's a movie about Shakespeare but let me tell you that there is very little Shakespeare about the script itself, though it still is being written as a serious attempt, at a Shakespeareing like tragedy, complete with incest, conspiracies and murder. But it really is a story that just never takes off and fails to ever become a true involving or even just interesting one. To put it boldly; I just couldn't care less about the story or anyone in it!

But no, it still most definitely was not a movie that I hated watching. It still has some qualities to it, which mostly comes from its visuals and atmosphere. I thought that the movie did a fantastic job at recreating its time period that it is supposed to be set in, with some great looking sets and costumes and atmospheric camera-work. In that regard this movie is still a real surprise, since it's coming from director Roland Emmerich, who normally really isn't being subtle with any of his movies and enjoys destroying the world, in really most of his movies.

It really is still a movie with some qualities to it and I'm sure it also got made with all of the right intentions. It just really wasn't a movie I ever could enjoy or was grabbed by.


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