It's a bit odd, that even while I really liked watching this movie, I still have to say it's a far from great or truly recommendable one.

The comedy of the movie is quite good and makes this movie a fun one to watch. It's some typical spoof stuff but what else did you expect from a movie titled "Love at First Bite", that tells you the story of Dracula, set in modern times. The entire concept might sound a bit lame but they came up with some pretty good and creative stuff, which makes this movie different from other similar genre movies, that attempt to place an old horror icon in modern times. Really, even while this is a comedy, it's not half as lame as some other, more serious movies, that use a similar sort of concept.

But still, its story at the same time forms a problem for this movie. I literally couldn't understand what its premise was all about and why Dracula needed to go to New York to find a particular girl. Because of this, I never could get into the story and therefore also started to care less about anything happening in it. The movie its story doesn't seem solid enough and they don't really let it play a role in the movie. It gets pushed to the background too easily and relies mostly on its characters and the actors who are portraying them, to do some good and fun stuff.

And this still is the case for most of the movie. Yes, the actors still make this a good watch, with a surprising George Hamilton playing the lead role. When I think off George Hamilton, I don't really think first of comedy as well. But he was surprisingly great and entertaining in his role as the famous blood sucking count. Same goes for the supporting cast really, with actors such as Arte Johnson and Richard Benjamin playing some good and fun roles.

It's a a fun but at the same time also messy and quite poorly told comedy. A more competent director could had probably still turned this into a far more successful and classic movie! The potential for it was all there really.


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