It's not like this is a bad movie in any way but it's still one that will probably make you go 'so what!'. It's a redundant, little movie to watch really, that won't leave an awfully big impression on you afterward, though while watching it you also won't ever got bored or annoyed by any of it.

You feel that the movie should had either gone for a completely dramatic and heavy approach or a fully comedic one. Now instead the movie feels somewhere stuck in the middle. It's a bit of both really, which makes neither work out as great or powerful as it could have. The movie never hits hard with any of its drama and it the characters and situations aren't quite quirky or entertaining enough to make you laugh. You could say that the movie plays things very safe and chooses the middle road.

But having said all this, it's still a good enough, little movie, that's just lacking a certain edge. It's certainly good looking and well directed though. Movies like this are of course not every expensive to make but you could tell lots of time and care got put into this movie, along with a bit of love. You could tell the film-makers and actors all believed in the project and gave it all they got.

Yes, I think it's foremost its acting that still makes this a maintaining movie to watch. The movie doesn't has the biggest stars but all are capable actors, who suit their roles well. It gives the movie its heart and still make this a pleasant watch.

As far as these sort of realistic, little drama's go, that are being like a random slice of life, this is one of the more bland ones but it's definitely not an horrible movie. It's quite watchable really but it just doesn't leave a big, lasting impression on you.


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