A Japanese movie about a Japanese rock band, against a bunch of aliens and zombies. How could this movie not be awesome? Well, by hardly featuring any zombies and aliens, unfortunately.

It's a Japanese movie alright, which means that it's being filled with a bunch of weirdness. Weird looking- and behaving characters, odd situations, an unusual visual style. No, don't think you could call this movie just for everybody but even those that are more familiar with- and like the Japanese style of film-making, will most likely end up feeling slightly disappointed by this movie.

It's a movie that for some odd reason decides to focus way more on its characters, rather than on some good or fun zombie/alien action. The movie really has a whole bunch of characters in it and it follows multiple ones of them, throughout the entire movie. After a while I had no idea who all of them were any more and whose side they were on or what they wanted exactly. Needless to see this isn't exactly the most compelling movie to watch and it's perhaps also lacking a good and likable main hero in it.

The movie just never lives up to its potential, until its final 10 minutes, or so, come along. Now why couldn't the rest of the movie had been more like that as well? It is then that the gloves are off and the movie decides to go all out with its action, gore and effects.

Not that the effects or its gore are that great though. As a matter of fact, it looks like it comes straight out of an amateur movie, done by a couple of teenagers in their basement, on their home computer. But perhaps you also need to take into consideration that this is an 2000 movie. Special effects back then were of course not as advanced and easy to use as it is now days.

It's a somewhat of an amusing movie but still really too flawed and filled with too much wasted potential to call this a good movie. It just never fully succeeds in what it is trying to achieve.


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