It's definitely true that this is a well made- and acted out movie but it still seems to be lacking a certain edge with its story to make a big dramatic- or lasting impression. No, as far as coming of age movies go, this is a bit of a shallow one with its story.

This movie is more of a lesson in naivety than anything else really. Yes, let this movie be a good lesson for you young girls out there. When things look too good to be true, it's probably so because it is and don't just throw away your future for one man.

And don't get me wrong, this is not a bad movie by any means. On the contrary quite really, since it's still a maintaining movie that is still better to watch than the average genre entry. It's just that the story seemed to have some more potential in it and the movie just never goes deep enough with any of its emotions, drama and characters. I started to feel somewhat detached from the movie after a while, after I realized the movie wasn't really going anywhere great, surprising or interesting with its main premise.

It still really remains a good watch, for numerous reasons. One is that it's being set in the '60's, which is not really a very common thing to do for a British coming of age movie. It's a good and interesting time period, with a very distinctive own style to it. I still do wish the movie did some more with it at times but it's still OK as it is.

The other and the more obvious reason why this is still a good watch is its acting. It's a real actor's movie, in which everybody is given an opportunity to shine and most actor do this exactly. Peter Sarsgaard finally gets the change to play a big, leading role but the movie also has a great supporting cast, with actors such as Alfred Molina and Olivia Williams doing a great job as well. And I also thought Carey Mulligan did a great job, even though I thought she was too old to play the role. It's not necessarily because of her acting or looks but more because of her deep and mature sounding voice, which distracted me a bit.

Really a good movie to watch, just not really one that will make a big or lasting emotional impact on you.


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