Basically this movie is different from anything else. It follows its own rules and it keeps maintaining its own style of storytelling. It's therefore also hard to place this movie into just one category. It's a bit of everything. There are some crime elements, some drama, romance but also plenty of comedy to enjoy.

But I believe that still the biggest reason why this combination of different genres works out, is because it picks a realistic approach to it all. It does this with its situations, characters and dialog. It makes this a very natural and pleasant movie to watch.

No doubt about it that this is a great constructed and made movie, by François Truffaut. He besides provides the movie with lots of style and tells the story from some good and interesting perspective and often lets the actor's and their expressions tell the tale.

The actors are all also real pleasant to watch in their roles. They all play some realistic characters, each with their own flaws and weaknesses. Charles Aznavour, who most people will still know as a singer, plays a pretty good main character but basically everyone in this movie seems to suit their role really well.

Thing I also really liked about the story itself were its love story elements. I liked it how some of the characters kept dancing around each other without expressing their true feelings to each other and when some of them finally ended up together, it showed that love is often far from perfect, no matter how well a certain person seems to suit you. There are always minor annoyances and sometimes the love is just simply gone after a while and you just can't wait to be alone again. This is of course not an approach to love that lots of other movies dare to take but it does really work out refreshing and besides as realistic as well.

It's difficult to really rate this movie, since this movie really is truly a thing of its own but bottom line is I liked it, so of course I just simply have to give it an high rating!


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