This is the sort of movie I love to watch late at night, during a Saturday evening, when I just want to relax. However that isn't saying anything about the quality of the movie though.

No, this really is not a great movie. I can enjoy a good genre flick but this one has far too little to offer.

I'm not even complaining about the originality of the movie. As a matter of fact, I give the movie credits for picking a somewhat original subject. Seriously, how many crime/action movies are out there dealing with the subject of contraband. And really, even though its mostly being still a movie by the numbers, this is really not the biggest problem I had with this movie.

Problem with the movie was that it was really lacking in some good excitement. I at least expected to get some good action out of this movie but the action is in this movie is pretty sloppy and besides the action moments are often far too short. There also isn't anything such as a big, spectacular pay off at the end and just don't watch this movie expecting a lot of explosions or gun fights. This movie did cost quite a lot of money to make but quite frankly I can't really see where they spend it all on.

Perhaps Mark Wahlberg is that expensive to hire but for some reason I don't believe that is the case. Now, I'm not a Wahlberg hater at all but I'm starting to get quite fed up with him playing the same guy, over and over again. It's like he's hardly putting any effort in it and is just here in this movie to collect his paycheck, as fast as possible, so he can take off again and do a movie or series he truly enjoys producing or starring in.

But it's not like any other actor impresses in this movie. There are actually some big names in it but it makes you wonder why. Their roles are hardly interesting so they also can't really do much good with it. Giovanni Ribisi still did the best job of the lot but unfortunately also his character is an underwritten and underused one.

It's simply a poorly written movie, involving both its story and characters. The story isn't given enough excitement, while the actors aren't given enough material to play around with and try to still make something good out of it all. It's disappointing, even for the genre lovers.


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