This movie was worse than expected. Of course my expectations for it weren't very high to begin with but the movie made some incredibly bad choices, which made the movie even worse to watch than anticipated.

Of course the movie is not being very original. There are countless of exorcism movies out there already but quite frankly I don't mind that all that much. After all, when a movie is done good and original, the concept can still work out. But this movie wasn't even really trying all that hard, it seemed.

Basically this movie is adding nothing new to the genre and it only tries to be somewhat original by taking a documentary like approach to its subject (even though this also already has been done a couple of times already). But problem with this approach is; it only works out if the entire movie is being a realistic one. And this movie never is. It never makes you even remotely think you are watching a real documentary here, simply because the acting is far too bad and also the way the camera is being handled or positioned makes this a far from convincing mockumentary. Thing that also annoyed me (besides the shaking cam) was that the movie kept switching back and forth between different camera-positions. Don't do this if you want to be taken serious as a 'real' documentary.

Besides, there also isn't anything real good or interesting happening in this movie to hold your interest. This was obviously a very cheap movie to make, which also unfortunately meant they couldn't put anything really exciting in the movie and the film-makers themselves were lacking in true creativity to come up with something interesting and to let its low budget work for its own advantage.

But seriously, I could had still handled the movie if it was entirely like this. However toward its end, it's starting to take a turn for the worst. Suddenly, for no real apparent reason, the crew members started to become characters in the movie and the movie starts to become more and more unlikely with all of its events. And the ending...well, I wouldn't even call it an ending. It's just a cheap and incredible lazy way to end your movie.

The story isn't going anywhere, no tense or creepy horror atmosphere, horrible acting, a silly and cheap documentary approach that doesn't work out convincing, an horrible ending. Do you need to hear more reasons why you should never watch this?


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