It was already crazy to see how little the wax figures had to do with the story of the first movie but in this one it's not even a part of the story at all. Oh well, it's not really a complaint or problem though, since at least the movie has still plenty of entertainment to offer.

That was really the one saving grace of this movie; it was entertaining. Otherwise, this is a pretty simplistic and badly done film. Pretty much just like its predecessor was.

But really, this movie is quite different from its predecessor, even though it is set right after the events of the first movie. The foremost thing is that in this movie, instead of coming across classic movie monsters, the characters are traveling through time and in its process they get stuck into some very familiar settings. Basically what this movie is is a horror spoof, of some classic and well known genre movies, even more so than the original was. Some spoofs are more apparent than the other but the fans or lovers of the horror genre should be able to recognize most of them.

In that regard this movie is a true pleasure to watch and an highly entertaining one. Basically every sequences has its own distinctive horror style and ever now and then a well known actor pops up as well in it, such as Bruce Campbell, David Carradine and Patrick Macnee.

I only did wish that all those different stories would be connected a bit better to each other. Basically it now simply is the one sequences after the other, without them making a really apparent connection to each other. There is no real main storyline it keeps following and basically every sequence is different again. This will most likely cause you to loose some interest in the movie after a while.

Thing they also changed around in this movie this time is that it's a far more goofy movie to watch. Everything gets even more exaggerated and the comedy is really lame, in a good and fun way but still...because of this approach you will have a hard time to take this movie serious in any way.

Entertaining-wise, this is a better movie than its predecessor but other than that, this movie is even more worse and messy with its story and it also really isn't all that well done or put together.


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