Maybe I'm mistaken but I doubt Bram Stoker would had been happy about it that his name was attached to this movie. And I don't even know why his name is attached to this movie in the first place (well, marketing reasons of course). It features the characters Dracula and Van Helsing but these are literally the only two things this movie and Bram Stoker's novel have in common.

I'm honestly still quite puzzled what this movie was supposed to be all about. Perhaps all you simply need to know is that Van Helsing is hunting down Dracula. There of course isn't really much else you need to know about the story and there honestly is also nothing more to the story really. At least not that I ever noticed.

It's also true that I'm simply starting to get fed up with horror movies placing classic stories and characters in modern times. It has been done far too often already and it is also very rarely works out satisfying enough. So why keep trying and doing it? Probably because its cheaper to place a movie in modern times than in ancient ones and its also easier to sell a movie that way to a younger crowed. It's too bad that us vampire- and horror lovers have to suffer because of that.

A thing that I also really didn't liked about this movie was that it placed for too many characters in it. Why couldn't it focus on just Van Helsing alone and why did it had to throw in so many different characters, that aren't even properly developed or even very interesting in the first place. It is also definitely true that most of them come across that way simply because they aren't exactly being played by any of the best actors around.

I don't really understand what this movie tried to achieve but it seemed to me as if it was going for a cool and hip modern approach and style. This however never works out because the movie obviously didn't had the budget for it and it's action and editing simply is really below par. At times the movie looks as if it got put together by a couple of high school students, who decided to make a cool vampire movie, in their spare time.

No, I'll admit that it's not the worst or most annoying genre film I have ever seen (it's also simply luckily too short for that) but there still is basically no reason why anyone should ever watch this.


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