It's probably important to say I wasn't the biggest fan of the first movie "Cat People" to begin with. I pretty much still gave it the benefit of the doubt because it was such a well made movie but its pacing seriously bothered me and I also remember very little about the actual movie. This sequel is pretty much taking the same approach but it's featuring far less memorable moments in it.

It's quite amazing; even though this is only an 70 minutes short movie, it feels like a much longer one, due to its slow pace. It also takes away before the movie finally starts to become truly interesting with its story and the twists and surprises that are in it. It are only really the last 20 minutes or so of the movie that are truly interesting. It is then that the movie starts to become an intriguing one with its mystery. A little too late to still make this a a great movie but it does make it a perfectly watchable one still.

Don't really know what the motivations were for the film-makers to go with a story that follows a young child. It seems a bit an odd choice for a movie that could be considered to be a horror. Besides, it just isn't the most interesting approach, since it seems to restrain the movie in its drama, mystery and horror.

So I never really expected this to be a great movie in the first place but I still thought it would be interesting to see, since its one of the earliest movies from Robert Wise's directing career. I however wish I could say the style and atmosphere was similar to great horror movies such as "The Haunting", which earned Robert Wise lots of fame and praise.

But I also really can't call this a horrible movie. Despite of everything, it still is a watchable enough little movie, that should please the fans of the original "Cat People", who are hungry for some more, even though the movie really doesn't have that much to do that much with its original.


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