It's funny, I have seen some Soviet comedies before but I guess they just really aren't my thing. They are slow in its build up and the punchline always seems to be missing to its jokes. Lets say it's the type of movie Wes Anderson would probably make if he was born in the Soviet Union, 30 years earlier. And no, Wes Anderson movies and his comedy also really aren't my favorite, so there you go!

No, it's not like anything about this movie is truly bad but the movie as a whole is not really that much special either. To be honest, it's far too simplistic far that and the one thing that the movie still has going for it is its great visual style.

It's quite an unique movie really. When you think about comedy you of course don't think about a Soviet Union movie from the '60's. It's a quite unexpected movie and unique in its sort, that mostly keeps doing its own thing and is maintaining its own style throughout. It's not my thing really but I can still really appreciate the movie because of that.

It's simply a really well made film, that has some unexpected visual surprises in it. I never really got a horror-vibe from the movie but I more got a sort of dark fairytale feeling. It's a comedy with some dark moments in it and witches and other creatures are often appearing. The movie uses some good early effects and some nice camera-work.

But I still do wish there was some more to the story. The movie is only 77 minutes short, which is all due to the fact that it's a very simplistically written, little movie. I do wish some more was happening in the story at times and the movie went a bit deeper and more into detail with certain characters or story-elements. It does feel like the movie was being too lazy at times, or perhaps they simply were in a real rush to finish this movie, which is more likely to be the case.

Nothing that impressive but the movie is some good, simple fun!


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