Basically it's all you could expect from a hardcore porn flick, meaning that there are lots of sexual acts are performed in this movie. Yet this movie offers still something extra as well.

Thing I can really appreciate about this movie is how professionally it got done. The movie almost gets approached like a 'normal' and more serious movie, meaning that it has some good camera-work and some great settings and costumes. It's an erotic take on the Dracula story, that's definitely not original or anything groundbreaking within its genre but the film-makers still did a good job at making it a quality production, with lots of time and effort put into it, which eventually all pays off for the movie in the end.

A great touch as well was the addition of some comedy. Lets face it, the movie porn industry often takes itself far too serious, while this movie seems to realize all too well that what they are doing is quite ridicules and nothing that would win them any awards, so they decided simply to have some fun with it. It really makes this movie quite an entertaining one.

It even makes you forget that the movie itself is far from a well constructed or told one. The movie does try to feature a sort of story in it but basically all there is to this movie, is the one sex scene after the other. It doesn't ever really makes much sense but than again, I wasn't looking for this movie to make sense, so I wasn't bothered that much by it. Besides, it's entertainment value compensates a lot and truly ensures that this is a good watch throughout.

Seriously, normally these type of movies start to annoy me after a while, also since it too often starts to repeat itself over and over again. I really didn't had this problem with this movie at all. It was divers enough with its settings and characters and besides also had some of the best use of classical music I have ever seen in a porn production (What a compliment to give!).

And it's definitely a '70's genre flick alright, featuring some of the typical '70's stars. So expect lots of facial hair and hair at other places. Also the dubbing during all of the sex scenes are present in this movie but again, it doesn't take itself too serious and you'll probably get a couple of, intentional, laughs out of it.

It was also awesome to see Reggie Nalder in this. This old guy had a real special look to him, with burn scars all around his mouth and a thick Hungarian accent, which made him perfect for the horror genre. I had seen this guy before in several other more serious horror flicks and at one point in his career he even starred in a Hitchcock movie. No idea how he got mixed up into this movie but I'm sure he still had lots of fun with it. And don't worry, he doesn't star in any of the sex sequences, that would had been just too creepy!

For its genre this is simply a more than good movie!


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