Basically from the very first minutes on you know this is not going to be a very good movie. The movie starts off with a car crash, which we however never get to see. The car looks totally wrecked, yet all of our heroes seem to be fine and without a scratch. Even their hair and make-up still looks perfect. After seeing such a thing you know you are in for a bad and cheap genre ride.

I just don't get this movie. It's ridicules constructed and everything about it is being incredibly formulaic. Seriously, some times genre movies aren't even trying to be fresh and original.

But it's really way worse that the movie isn't even really trying to make sense. Things just happen in this movie without ever making a realistic or sense-making impression. The main characters don't at all seem scared or surprised when they get stuck in an old abandoned hospital, in which dead people are lying around and other strange things are happening. They never really seem to attempt that hard to find a way out. Instead they just wander around and investigate every room like it's a Scooby-Doo episode.

Of course things are not made any better by its weak acting. In fact, it even makes the movie unintentionally funny and clumsily to watch at times. Also the editing really makes you go; 'Huh? Did i just see that right?' at times. Some real ridicules stuff in this movie, that's not even really worth watching for the genre fans.

No, you also shouldn't go see this movie and expect at least some good or original killings from it. As a matter of fact, I have already forgotten about all of them and the movie really isn't that bloody or gory to watch.

Needless to say that the movie falls totally flat as an horror. No good tension, mystery or scares. No good gore, or a strong and memorable killer. No, nothing about this movie really ever works out, so there is no reason to watch it in the first place.


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