For some reason I have always wanted to see this movie. Yesterday I finally got the chance and now I feel quite puzzled why I ever wanted to see this movie so badly in the first place.

It had always been the premise of the movie that wanted me to see it. It was so ridicules and silly that it sounded hilarious to me. But as it turned out the movie did far too little with it and wasn't being all that clever or original with any of its comedy.

It's not like the movie ever becomes truly bad but it just doesn't become hilarious either. It was a true middle of road movie, that was being average in about every way thinkable. Average story, average characters, average jokes and even average acting, despite the presence of many comedy greats.

The movie is being very typical for a silly modern comedy, with childish humor, absurd characters and a ridicules main premise. Everything is deliberately over-the-top, so if you can't stand these type of comedies you can better stay away from this movie. Also when you're not a big Will Ferrell fan it is best to avoid this movie, though I must say Will Ferrell seemed a bit restrained- and like he was holding back in this movie.

Most of the jokes of the movie are homosexual orientated, which doesn't come as a big surprise really. It's what makes the comedy of the movie often too predictable and lame even. It's not like the movie is homophobic though. I mean, the movie is being far too silly and over-the-top for that. If you are offended by this movie, you are taking things far too seriously and I doubt that comedies are your thing.

The movie still really tries but in the end it does feel like a very run of the mill movie, that besides remains underdeveloped. Some of the side-plots of the movie seemed to have some potential in them but the movie drops them before they could develop properly. All signs that the directors Josh Gordon & Will Speck didn't always knew what they were doing, or were playing things too often, too safe. A more confident and experienced director could had turned this movie into something more funny and also more original probably.

The movie never becomes great but it just doesn't ever become all that great either. Therefore see this movie or don't. You won't feel any better or worse afterward.


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