Normally I feel bad for not liking a movie that I feel I should like but in this case I feel bad for liking a movie that I by all means shouldn't like.

With its themes of pedophilia, necrophilia, rape and extreme violence, this was one of the most controversial movies of recent years. And is it all truly that bad? Well, as far as movies go, this isn't really even one of the most graphic movies I have ever seen but it more so becomes controversial purely through its themes.

But you might wonder what there is to like about a movie, that is showing sex with very young children and other disturbing things, involving sex and violence, or a combination of the both. It just all depends on how you are willing to take this movie. If you go in, knowing you are going to despise every second of it because of its themes, you are obviously never going to like this movie. However when you are going in with a more open mind, you are more able to see what the movie is trying to do and how it becomes quite successful at it as well.

Basically you can see this movie as an extreme porn-flick, only truly shot as a serious movie, that is constantly exploring and even crossing the lines and boundaries of its genre and what we consider to be morally acceptable. And let me tell you, I deeply respect- and appreciated the movie for this. Just imaging no one ever tried to expand the boundaries of art and entertainment. We would still be living somewhere in the 5th century if we didn't. It's not like this movie is advocating for more pedophilia or rape and violence in movies but it is raising the bar again, which challenges other movies to explore certain things even further and deeper, without necessarily becoming graphic with it as well.

Just see it like this; take it as a fashion show, in which the models are showing the most crazy and extreme looking clothes. It's not like we ever get to buy those silly and extreme looking clothes in any store but the clothes and models are merely demonstrating what the new trends and possibilities are going to be. This is exactly what "Srpski film" is doing as well. By being as extreme as possible it is raising the bar and setting new standards for future movies to come.

And seriously, everybody is focusing heavily- or falling over the pedophilia aspects but that's really only just one of the movie its themes and hardly its main focus at all, or what the movie is all about, so please don't let this scare you off.

And really, the movie is also far less artistic than most people are making it sound. Well, perhaps I should say that it is a more accessible movie than you would think . It's pretty much following a 'normal' main storyline and the way the movie is shot is also not too 'complicated'. It's actually a really well shot movie, that is great and professionally looking, in every aspect and effectively told and directed by Srdjan Spasojevic.

Fore even if you are incredibly shocked and disturbed by this movie, it means it is an effective one and succeeded at what it was trying to do, whether you like it or not. But you're not giving this movie enough credit when just saying that this is a movie purely made to shock. It has too much quality and true intentions in it for that.

The only thing that made this movie not so perfect was its story at times. Toward its end you could say that the movie is turning more into a thriller and the story was losing me a bit, due to some of its developments.

An effective movie, at what it's trying to achieve, that pretty much intrigued me all throughout.


Watch trailer (NSFW)

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