Never seen an $1 budget movie before? Well, here is your chance. Here is a low-budget movie if there ever was one. But what's especially shocking; it's not just only cheaply done but also horribly!

Of course I can enjoy and appreciate a low-budget horror flick every now and then, especially when it got made in the '70's and is featuring killer animals. But even if you're a fellow lover of the genre, you'll have to admit that this movie is just horrible and a complete waste of time, even though the movie is just over an hour short.

The movie totally looks like an amateur film, put together by a bunch of friends, after school was out. And actually, that also really was the case with this movie. I hope for them they had fun making this movie, fore I surely didn't had any fun with it and the fun also doesn't really show in this movie.

They obviously went over-the-top and overboard with things, just for the fun of it but this doesn't make the movie a fun one as well. It instead makes it look more like a clumsily one. All of the effects are quite horrible really and truly look like they came up with it on the spot and put things together from stuff they had lying around in their kitchens or garages. Paper-mache monsters, fake pink blood, a lamp that is supposed to be a space rocket and even a stuffed shark, it's all present in this movie. But summing all these things up makes it sound like more fun than this actual movie was to watch.

It's painfully obvious that none of these guys and girls had any experience with making movies, prior to this. They most likely had no idea what they were doing. It's not just the movie its concept and script that is bad and silly, in all honesty it's something that could had worked and something that has worked in other similar type of genre flicks but it's more so that the directing, acting, camera-work and editing is all so painfully bad. Nothing in this movie really clicks with each other, or works out for the movie and its entertainment value. It's just a total mess in every way thinkable.

Also highly annoying that you keep hearing the sound of the camera rolling. Once you notice it you'll keep hearing it throughout the entire movie. Also funny how they weren't even able to do a decent close-up. Every time the camera gets close, the screen gets all blurry. Not that it matters though, I doubt anything good was to be seen during its blurry moments.

It's so disappointing that a movie with a title such as "Weasels Rip My Flesh" completely failed to entertain. I at the very least expected some good weasel action but it ultimately was just all very disappointing and totally amateur-like.


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