And so Jesus Franco's quest to turn every women into a lesbian continues. But in all seriousness, for all of the bad things I have said about Jesus Franco and his movies, I have to say that this was quite a good one and a real pleasant surprise, also within its genre.

It's amazing really how much different this movie is from other Jesus Franco movies. It's not like it has a better story in it really but it's more so that it got made with way more style, taste and obvious devotion to the project.

Normally I really can't understand that there are people who enjoy watching soft-core porn and get their kicks out of it. It does absolutely nothing for me but all I can say if more movies would handle it in the way such as this movie did, I can totally understand that there are people who love watching soft-core porn. It can be absolutely something beautiful and also sensual to watch.

And that's the most surprising aspect about this movie perhaps. All of the sex in the movie got handled quite nicely and the movie really wasn't a sleazy one at all, unlike about every other Jesus Franco movie. Especially all of the lesbian moments were really beautifully done and were really sensual to watch, even though you never see any real 'action'.

Yes, this movie definitely has artistic value to it, which is the foremost reason why it's such a perfectly watchable and fascinating one. The movie is set in both the real world and a dream kind of world, which at times also gives the movie a sort of surrealistic feeling to it. This also actually helps to make the story work out better as well, fore it isn't the type of story that is terribly clever written or one that is being strong with its horror/vampire aspects. At least this time around the story was easy and pleasant to follow, which again, is something I can't say about every Jesus Franco movie. Normally he really manages to mess up the storytelling, no matter how simple the actual story is. Luckily that isn't the case for this movie at all.

It sounds amazing but here is a Jesus Franco movie I wouldn't mind seeing again.


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