Of course lots of movies, documentaries and books have been made, regarding the JFK assassination, so you would think that a 13 minutes, artistic, short would add very little new but the movie in fact does an amazing job and also works out original and refreshing, by telling little and with showing even less.

It's not a documentary or a short that follows and tells a story. What the movie does is showing lots of random images, that aren't even all JFK related at all. But by doing so, the movie is recreating the right sort of feelings and emotions, that take you back to how it must had been that day, without showing anything involving the actual assassination. After all, the Zapruder film wasn't made public yet, so even if they wanted to show the actual assassination, they just simply couldn't.

The images shown trigger all kinds of emotions and they are supported with audio clips of life radio broadcasts, that reported on the assassination. The images show despair, chaos, hope, by using old archive footage and footage from actual movies, that mostly aren't JFK related. It nevertheless seems to fit the subject so very well and takes you really back to November 22, 1963.

It doesn't seem to me like the movie is raising any questions, or is trying to look for a deeper meaning to the assassination, like all conspiracy theory people love to do but that doesn't mean that the movie itself isn't a provoking one. The images and audio really tell you everything to let you feel how things must had been like on November 22, 1963, without really telling you a narrative story or show anything of the actual assassination of John F. Kennedy. This makes this short a real accomplishment by Bruce Conner, that above all things really works out well, with what it is trying to achieve.


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  1. Could you please post on the IMDb page how you found this? Purhaps a link?