Man, all I can say is that I'm glad I wasn't around in the '50's. I would had gotten fed up with this type of movies so soon and easily! They really are all the same and the quality and production values of them really aren't that high at all.

But of course you have to look at this movie fairly and judge it for what is is. I can honestly say that I from time to time enjoy watching these sort of movies and can also really appreciate them for what they are but having said all that; I really don't regard this movie as one of the better ones of its period and within its genre.

To be honest, this movie can be an at times pretty silly and awkward little movie to watch. It's an, unintentionally so, bad and silly movie at times and it actually made me laugh at certain points because of how bad some moments were looking and at how silly the story could get at times.

It's a very cheap looking movie, not only just with its effects but also with its visual look and sets. It all obviously for most part got shot inside of a studio, even the exterior sequences. And of course just like any other cheap '50's science-fiction B-movie, it features lots of archive footage, involving the sequences with the military.

But what is more troublesome is its story. Really nothing original about it. Not with its story but also really not with its approach. It makes this a very average genre entry, that besides also feels like a real lackluster. It's a movie that starts off promising enough but you'll soon realize that the movie is just never going to be an exciting or tense genre entry. The story progresses for too slow and uninteresting for that. I also loved the fact how the military were having no problems with it to drag a little kid along with them, no matter how complicated and dangerous things could get at times. Totally ludicrous, just like this entire movie is.

The movie also features some absolutely horrible acting in it but you already should be used to that once you are a bit familiar with watching movies like this. You knew your career wasn't really heading anywhere, once you found yourself in the middle of a '50's science-fiction movie, which also really was the case for all people involved with this movie.

There are still positive points about this movie of course. I for one liked the ending, that at least was action filled and paced properly. I also liked the music, which wasn't really anything typical or something you would expect from an '50's science-fiction flick. No, no theremin sounds in this movie!

There are definitely far better and more entertaining '50's genre movies to watch out there!


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