Of course I enjoy watching blaxploitation flicks just as much as the next guy (or girl) but that doesn't mean I also regard those movies as particularly good ones. One thing they always have going for them is that they are incredibly entertaining to watch, no matter how bad and silly things can get at times. This for most part also goes for "Foxy Brown", though the genre has definitely produced better movies.

I feel somewhat disappointed by this movie, since it's often regarded as a classic within its genre. I have just seen far better and more entertaining blaxploitation flicks to call this movie one of the best ones out of the genre. I had some fun with it but was not throughout entertained. This is all really due to the quite badly written- and simplistic story.

It's a movie that seems to have all of the right ingredients; Sex, violence, nudity and Pam Grier is a whole lot of woman, as even her brother says in this. However the movie is really not edgy enough with any of its ingredients and the movie even seems to be a bit a tame one, especially when it comes down to its violence. And because it's not edgy enough; the movie is not constantly entertaining enough, throughout.

But again, this really is due to its story. It has a really standard story in it, that just seems to consists out of a couple ideas that got thrown together but never really feels like one great, likable, big whole. Sure, it provides the movie with plenty of good and fun moments but overall the movie would had benefited more from a far more consistent and also more original script.

Still a thing that makes this movie special and somewhat above average is the presence of Pam Grier in this. You could say that she really was a too good actress for these sort of movies but it didn't seem like she minded playing in this sort of movies, since she became quite a popular actress because of it and it paid for all of the bills of course. Her presence really uplifts the movie and her acting does the same to some of the movie its story elements and dialog as well. Fore everyone else isn't really impressing with their acting and most performances are quite weak, to be honest (Sid Haig excluded of course!).

It's an OK enough movie to watch, though nothing too impressive or entertaining.


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