The Yeogo goedam movies aren't necessarily connected. Each feature different characters and different locations, though the setting is always at a school and features a similar sort of premise. It is obvious that this movie tried to be like the second entry out of the series, using a similar sort of build up and approach to the story but it's definitely not as good or effective with it.

Problem is that the movie just never becomes really that interesting to watch. It really isn't a very involving movie, which is due to its lacking characters and directing approach by Jae-yeon Yun.

The movie is obviously deliberately picking a slow approach, to build up its tension. It however feels far too stretched out, which again, is really due to the fact that the movie never really becomes an interesting or involving one. The long shots of people staring got old and annoying pretty fast, especially when nothing is really happening in the movie. It takes an hour or so to finally pick up some pace and for the movie to become a real horror movie. Far too late and it besides feels too much out of tone with the overall atmosphere and approach of the first hour of the movie. In that regard this movie is also being a lot like the first movie, out of its long running series.

So yes, besides not being that interesting to watch, the movie is also really a lackluster. Lovers of Asian horror cinema can also definitely pass on this movie. There really is not all that much to enjoy for the fans of horror. No tension, no scares, no good mystery. No, this movie is definitely a failed attempt to try to recreate the success formula of the second movie.

The story itself features too many sidetracks that don't really get developed properly enough. Seems to me that the writer was having some difficulties coming up with a story for a full length movie and therefore came up with all kinds of thin plot lines and characters, that really don't add any real depth and surely don't make the movie any more interesting to follow. It's often a bad sign when a movie has lots of writers involved but in this case it probably wouldn't had harmed the script if it had received some help from some more and other writers, or some rewrites by better and more experienced people.

It really isn't a very well made movie.It never finds the right approach and pace for its story and also never becomes effective with its build up and pay off. It's all lacking a true horror film director's touch. I'm still sure a somewhat more capable director could had managed to make this a more effective, or at least more interesting. genre movie to watch.


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