Everybody knew in advance that there was no way his sequel wasn't going to be as great or was going to have the same impact as the first movie. It must be the reason why they tried something new and different for this movie but this however really didn't worked out too well.

Biggest disappointment the fans of the first movie will have with this sequel is that it's totally lacking as an horror. The tension and the atmosphere of the first movie, which was its biggest strength, is pretty much gone in this one and even the Leatherface character in this movie isn't as threatening anymore. As a matter of fact, he isn't even the main villain of this movie.

But there are plenty of more reasons why this movie falls flat as an horror/slasher. For one they even added lots of comedy this time, as if they really weren't taking themselves that serious, which really goes at the expense of the tension of the movie.

I even think Tobe Hooper never really wanted to make this sequel but got somehow forced to after failing to get his career as an established director of big Hollywood movies off the ground. Making a sequel to his own horror classic, 12 years later, was the only way for him to keep working and keeping his name in the spotlight.

What makes the movie in itself also pretty bad is the fact that it are basically two totally different movies combined into one. The first and second half of the movie are quite different in style and tone. The second half of the movie is definitely more in style with the 1974 classic but unfortunately it still isn't half as powerful or gruesome.

The movie still has a couple of great gore moments in it though. Moments that are mostly made great by Tom Savini's expert make-up effects. But other than that, there really is nothing that makes this movie distinct itself from other average genre movies, except for the presence of Dennis Hopper in this perhaps.


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