"The Thomas Crown Affair" is a movie you'll have a good time watching but at the very same time it most likely won't be one that will stick in your mind.

In a way you could say that this movie is being a case of style over substance. Not saying that its substance is that bad but the movie still seems more busy giving the movie an hip, unique style, while the story had far more potential in it than gets eventually exploited. In that regard this movie is also being a bit of disappointment, without calling the movie a bad one.

Thing is that the movie has such a fine concept and the perfect actors for it but yet there is far too little happening in the movie. It's the story about a rich thief and playboy, who steals just for the pleasure of it, who is being chased by a young pretty and intelligent insurance investigator. At least that is how the story should have been but instead there are only two heists, in which the main character isn't even really fully participating. And the story could have been a story of a cat and mouse game between the two main characters, constantly out smarting each other but the story never really goes there. Instead it focuses on the romance aspects.

But all negativity aside, this remains a good and fun movie to watch. It's a slick movie for normal '60's standards and has a great style to it. It shows once more the versatility of director Norman Jewison, who only just before this movie directed "In the Heat of the Night", which couldn't be a bigger contrast really.

It's also really a movie that works due to its cast. Steve McQueen is of course really suitable for a role like this but Faye Dunaway impresses perhaps even more. She plays a strong female character, who yet manages to be still very sensual, which gets best shown during the movie its chess scene, which got spoofed in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me".

All in all the movie still remains one good and fun watch.


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