This movie is a textbook example of a giallo. And when watching this movie you'll also understand what makes the genre so popular and distinctive.

As far as giallo's go, this isn't the most violent or bloody one around. It tries to build its tension and mystery differently, without excluding any of the typical genre elements. And I must say that the killings that are in this movie (and that we get to see) are shot very well and possible form the movie its most memorable moments. Perhaps this is also thanks to director Massimo Dallamano his background as a cinematographer.

The movie has some good solid characters in it, that are being likable ones as well. They help to make the story move along and help to carry it over the movie its slower points. Yes, this perhaps isn't the most exciting giallo to watch but it's a well constructed one nevertheless.

I don't rate it among my favorites but it remains a good giallo nevertheless.


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