This is a pretty obscure and hard to get movie, that stars an interesting cast and is in the end really well worth watching.

It's not a particularly well made movie. It obviously really suffers from its low budget. It's an European co-production, that's still entirely English spoken but it remains one with a European and particular an Italian style to it. No wonder, since the director Duccio Tessari is an Italian. It has a cheap look and feel to it but it still adds a certain charm to the movie as well.

It's a movie that is also being a typical late '60's/'70's crime movie, filled with money, pretty girls, fast cars, gun fights, backstabbing characters and a story of a man seeking revenge. A movie in the vain of Steve McQueen's "The Getaway", to name an example. Not saying that this movie is still as good though of course but if you like this sort of movies made during that particular time period, chances are you'll like "I bastardi" as well.

Another reason why this movie will appeal to certain people is its cast. It stars Klaus Kinski for instance, who is being deliciously villainous and is really playing a great role. Much better than main lead Giuliano Gemma, who I believe also got dubbed, though it's hard to tell since the sound quality of this movie isn't all that great and Italian productions at the time always got shot without sound and the actors would later do all of their lines in a studio. But the movie also stars big '40's star Rita Hayworth. I had never seen her as an 'elderly' woman. Sort of bad she had to end her wonderful career with these obscure sort of movies, even though this movie most definitely is not a bad one.

It's sort of too bad that the movie is lacking in true excitement and enough action. It would had make the movie such a better one to watch and with a bigger budget they would also mostly most certainly come up with a far better and more spectacular ending as well. Really, the ending instead now is really random and cheap and even made me laugh at how silly it was. A bit of a cop out.

Not a great movie by any means but the fans of the genre will definitely get some joy out of it.


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