Even though I'm just not a Wes Anderson fan I was liking this movie at first. However it soon started to become obvious that the movie wasn't heading anywhere and all of its 'jokes' and its light laid back kind of atmosphere was starting to get old and annoying after a while.

I like quirky but Wes Anderson is simply always overdoing things. He thinks it is enough to give a character a funny name and let him stare or walk. This still works for about 30 minutes (which much have been the reason I liked the shorter and earlier 1994 version of "Bottle Rocket" way better) but it starts to get old pretty soon. Especially when nothing else is really happening in its script with its story and characters.

This really disappointed me. It's one of those movies that tries to be as simple and realistic as possible, like independent movies often tend to do. Like a random slice of life, except with the problem that it just isn't that interesting to follow for 90 minutes long. It attempts to make even its most crazy events look realistic, which is a part of Wes Anderson his sort of comedy but I would had liked to get some more substance in this case. I just got nothing out of watching this movie.

This really feels like a movie that got made by a bunch of student buddies, who went out to shoot a movie. In some way that also really was the case with this movie actually. Wes Anderson, as well as the Owen brothers (who strangely enough don't play brothers in this movie) were basically fresh out of school when they did this movie and it was their first full length production. In that regard you perhaps have to give some respect and credits to this movie. It paved the way for their careers and it's also somewhat fun to see how they haven't really deviated away from their own style, ever since.

Good for its first 30 minutes or so but after that it starts to run out of steam fast.

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