You don't necessarily have to be into musical to be taken in by this charming film. All I can say is that I wish there would be more musical movies like this.

It's a movie with such a pleasant and joyful atmosphere to it, even though the story of course also takes some dramatic turns. But this is what musicals should all be about; simply have a good time watching it and let it be a feast for your eyes and ears.

The entire movie does feel and look very stagy but in this case that really isn't a complaint. It simply suits the movie well and makes it part of the reason why this is such perfect light entertainment to watch. Besides, it is a good looking movie as well, with all of its grand sets and nice costume design.

But what is a musical without any good music. And luckily this movie does really has some good and pleasant songs in it, performed nicely by its cast, though not always its original cast. Audrey Hepburn still got dubbed for instance, which was also really apparent in some of the songs. Rex Harrison on the other hand does all of the singing himself and his style of singing and acting fits the character and songs very well.

Yes, all of the acting in general is very impressive in this movie as well. I had seen Rex Harrison in a couple of movies before but he never impressed me as much as he did with his role in this movie. Also Audrey Hepburn surprised me. I have always loved her but I never realized how incredible versatile as an actress she actually was until I saw her in this movie. She basically plays two different characters in this. She is both very convincing as the foul mounted girl from the streets and as the sophisticated, uppercases lady. You probably won't even recognize her at first, until she slowly starts to transform into the lovely beautiful young woman, we also all remember Audrey Hepburn as.

The story and characters within this movie are definitely not all without its flaws but in this case all the story wanted was to deliver a simple, light and enjoyable movie for everybody of all ages, sexes and ethnicities to enjoy. And I think they most definitely did not fail with this.

At least the Academy Awards also agree with me, since the movie received 8 Oscar's, including the most important ones for best director and best picture of the year. It also eventually would turn out to be the only Oscar legendary director George Cukor received.

Simply a movie to enjoy.


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