You could call this movie like "Rosamary's Baby", only done way worse. Not saying that "Aswang" is an horrible movie though, on the contrary actually. It's being saved by the fact that it's taking an original approach to a well known genre, without ever becoming a great movie as well though.

The movie is being a big of a mixed bag. On the one hand it's being a quite original and also atmospheric movie but on the other, it isn't a really well told one. It's a movie that takes a more slow approach but in its slower moments it doesn't manage to build up any tension. The movie is really lacking in some good interesting mystery and some well done horror. It doesn't make this the most interesting movie to watch.

With a more experienced director at the helm this movie would already had been a better one. A more experienced director would had know how to handle this story more properly and make it a more interesting and effective movie. Instead now the storytelling is too often lacking in its pace and approach.

Still it remains a somewhat refreshing movie to watch, due to its original take on the genre and also because it often isn't holding back on its gore. I therefore still consider this movie to be a watchable one and even a recommendable one as well, especially when you also consider that this was an extremely low-budget production.


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