This movie started out promising enough but it started to become weird and messy soon after that.

It's absurd how many things this movie tries to be. It doesn't really fit into one genre because of that and it makes you unsure how to take this movie. It starts out as a serious mystery movie, then it becomes suddenly a zombie kung-fu flick and a spoof of about every every well known classic or cult horror movie. I often say it is a good thing for these low budget type of movies to not take itself so seriously but in this particular I was actually still digging this movie when it was being serious. It was when it became silly and more comedy like that I started to get annoyed and disappointed with this movie.

I can definitely see and understand what the film-makers were trying to do and achieve though. They tried to be like a Robert Rodriguez movie, that goes over-the-top with things and is a nod to some cult classics out of the horror genre. Kind of like from "From Dusk Till Dawn", only Jose Prendes clearly ain't no Robert Rodriguez and he isn't half as talented as he is. None of the ideas really work out in this movie because it goes into way too many different directions and only becomes an huge mess to watch because of that.

So this movie is many things but yet it also isn't good with being any of these things. It isn't a good horror, it isn't a good zombie flick, it isn't a good comedy, it isn't a good gory/action blood-fest. No, I just can't imaging anybody liking this movie as anything. In this case you also really can't blame the low budget for that, since it was the directing and writing that made this simply one huge mess to watch.

Guess it still has some mildly entertainment value to it because I just didn't hate this movie as much as I often hate modern low budget horror movies. But there is no reason for anyone to ever go and see this movie.


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