Not much to say about this movie really because it's all such nonsense to watch. Really no idea what the story was all supposed to be about, since it got told in such a messy and unimaginative way.

It's really like the film-makers themselves also had no idea what they were shooting and what story they were following and trying to tell. It's all over the place with its story and characters, that randomly pop-up and also do and say lots of random stuff, which most of the time don't really connect with the rest of the movie. The movie doesn't even have a real main lead in it! At least not that I could tell off...

Suppose this movie is supposed to be one of those typical '60's science-fiction/horror crossovers, only thing with it is that the movie has neither got any good science-fiction or horror in it. There is a monster in this but what does he do? Absolutely nothing and he's in about 3 scene's or so, anyway. Really, there is just not excitement or any good mystery in this movie.

It's obviously a very low budget production, since it has clearly no production value to it and stars a whole bunch of people you have never seen or heard off before. And it's not hard to see why none of them ever had a gloaming career in the industry, after watching them in this movie.

I take more pleasure in watching an Ed Wood movie of this type really! This movie is just so bad that it isn't even funny or fun to watch.


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