This is a movie that definitely had some potential, since it featured a good and interesting enough horror concept but this gets ruined by its unimaginative story and approach by its film-makers.

This is a movie with a story that would had worked out great as a supernatural thriller but it instead picks a more easy and common horror approach. It's really made like a typical horror flick, while its story called for a more subtle approach. This really goes at the expenses of all of the tension and build up of things. Instead now we have a movie that is lacking in good horror and in which besides far too little is happening.

It really isn't until half way through that things really start to kick in. But just when you thought the movie was getting good and interesting again, it gets ruined by its final 30 minutes, which aren't really in tone with the rest of the movie and it ends things quite abruptly as well, which is so disappointing. In fact, the ending was just plain bad and even made me laugh at how clumsily it all got done and was looking.

This movie is really some wasted potential.


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