This is one poorly done film. It's an incredibly cheap looking one, that doesn't feature an original story and also got poorly put together by its film-makers.

Really everything about this movie screams low budget! And I'm not just talking about its visuals but also about its acting and quality of the script. The movie features some awful dialog that gets poorly delivered by its cast, that mostly consist out of persons who had never acted in a movie before and also never did so again, after this movie. But same goes for its crew. No one involved with this movie ever had a career in the industry, prior or after this movie.

But really the biggest problem with this movie is that there simply is not enough happening in it. It's such a slow movie, in which some sequence seem to go on for ever. Now, there is nothing wrong with some slow storytelling and set up, since if done right it can truly build up some good tension and atmosphere that way but that just isn't the case with this movie though, unfortunately. The movie is actually a very short one (just below 80 minutes short) and they seemed really desperate to fill it, without having a decent script and story backing them up.

Also can't really see why this movie had been banned for so long. It's not as if it's handling any shocking themes or is that gory to watch. Gore lovers while actually be most likely disappointed by this movie and basically all you see is some blood flying around every now and then. It probably more has something to do with the nudity in this movie, though that also isn't anything too graphic or unseen before really.

I can enjoy and appreciate a good horror B-movie but this one just wasn't worth seeing.


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