This movie is a failed attempt at trying to be something original and creative. In essence, the idea behind it all seemed to be good enough but the execution of it all is really poor.

Yes, this movie really could had worked out well but it does so much wrong however. First of all the movie seems to be missing a good and clear approach of things. I just don't know how to regard this movie. Was it a fantasy movie? Was it an horror? Was it an artistic movie? Problem probably is that the movie tried to be all but it's working out on neither department. It's lacking the required touch, look and feel to make this movie work out as a good fantasy movie and it's simply not being imaginative for that. As an horror it's simply not good enough, since its lacking in all of its build up and tension and for an artistic movie it simply doesn't have any artistic value to it. This is also because the movie was a very cheap one to make but that simply isn't an excuse for the film-makers not trying to be more daring and creative, with both its visuals and story.

The story just never really explains anything and basically it has little to nothing to do with the famous story of Red Riding Hood. I still have no idea why the girl in this movie was being such a murderous, very young, psychopath. My guess is that it really was the film-makers initial intention to turn this into a dark and modern fairy tale but sad thing is that they had no idea how to achieve this. It really makes this such a pointless movie to watch, that is lacking in a clear purpose and also simply doesn't entertaining enough to make this movie worthwhile watching.

What also really makes this movie bad to watch is its acting. It's not only just that most of the actors within this movie can't act well enough but basically everybody seems to be miscast in their roles as well. Kathleen Archebald really didn't had neither the looks, charisma or right required acting skills to make her character work out. And she really is the main character of the movie, that basically has to carry the entire movie and tells everything from her viewpoint.

Better luck next time I guess...


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