Even though I prefer this movie above its predecessor, it still isn't a great movie.

This movie also suffers still from some of the same stuff the first movie, made in 1986, also suffered from. Despite its promising concept the movie just never manages to become interesting because there is far too little happening.

It's a pretty late sequel to the first movie and besides it doesn't has an awful lot to do with its predecessor. This time the movie is featuring different actors and actors and only uses the same concept of the first original movie; a movie making contact with a death person through a Ouija board.

What makes this movie better than its predecessor though is that they put some more effort into its story this time. It's not like its being a very deep or clever written movie but all of its characters and events are better drawn out. It makes things more pleasant to follow, even though not nearly enough is happening horror or tension wise.

The acting is a lot better this time around but that's not saying very much though. None of the actors really impress too much and the cast consist out or purely unknown actors, who all seemed to had been cast because of their looks rather than because of their acting skills.

Nothing too bad but it's a movie you can easily do without.


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