The title of this movie sounds promising enough. And so does its concept. But the movie just doesn't deliver. It's not an horrible movie but it remains a disappointing one nevertheless.

Guess it's a Giallo but it just doesn't feel like a traditional one to me. It takes some wrong approaches and at times this can be a clumsy looking movie. Let's just say that Andrea Bianchi ain't no Dario Argento.

And for a movie with the word nude in its title...the movie does has an awful lot of nudity in it! I have seen porn with less nudity and sex than than movie has. Can't really say it always serves its purpose, story-wise, though the movie does luckily feature plenty of beautiful young Italian women in it, so what am I exactly complaining about.

But the movie does only really 'shock' with its nudity. Blood, gore and violence is present in this movie but it just never felt as if it was being the movie its main ingredient. It will disappoint the fans of the genre and quite frankly there aren't really ever enough killings in this movie, or perhaps the problem is that there is too much time between them and it all seems to happen very random, without any apparent logic behind them. It also makes the mystery behind whodunit far less interesting.

It also makes the movie as a whole just not very interesting to watch. This is also because it features lots of pointless sequences, that let the movie start to drag. It all still could had been good and interesting if some more horror/slasher stuff was going on.

It's also weird that the movie its main character isn't always present throughout the movie. It also doesn't help him that he isn't being a very likely person. Just a typical Italian playboy, that looks too old to be still hanging around and fooling around with young beautiful women.

Really not the most intriguing or effective Giallo out there. The first shot is still legendary though!


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