Actually I'm a person that is always quite fond of Micheal Bay movies. I like how he brings some overblown action entertainment to the screen with basically all of his movies. His Transformers movies however have never really appealed to me.

But having said that, I actually have to admit that I liked this movie better than the first. It seems like they learned from some of their mistakes of the first movie, which also makes me somewhat more hopeful for the third movie "Transformers: Dark of the Moon". If they improve even more, the movie could actually turn out to be quite good, as well as entertaining.

Cause by saying I liked this movie better than the first one, I'm not saying at all that this is being a very good movie. It's entertaining enough to watch but that is it really. Everything about it is quite bad and simplistic but I'm of course not talking about the special effects though.

The special effects are basically what Bay's Transformers movies are being known for. They are top of the bill and with each movie they keep pushing to the limits of what's possible and come up with new unseen stuff. They are innovative movies special effects wise and that's also why I often enjoy watching a Micheal Bay movie; they are big budget ones but you can always see the budget back on the screen. Not only with its computer effects but also all of its action in general.

And yes, there obviously is plenty of action in this movie. But too much though in my opinion. At times the movie is really nothing more than the one big action sequences after the other, which quite frankly can get tiresome to watch. After a while you stop caring what is happening, also because you often don't even understand what is going on. Not because the story is hard to follow but just because of the way the movie got shot and told. The movie is definitely too long as well, also because the last hour or so is being like one big action piece, that could had wrapped up things far sooner.

But strangely enough the reason why I still liked this movie better than the first one was its story. This actually might sound strange because this movie its pre-production really suffered from the writer's strike. The story had to be finished in a hurry, while Michael Bay had already come up with some big action sequences to write a story around, connecting them all. So by all means, the story shouldn't work but it just all felt less random this time. Maybe it was a good thing that they had to come up with things in an hurry because when having more time, you also have more time to come up with lots of other crazy action stuff, like perhaps was what happened and was the problem with the script of the first movie.

Also all of the characters worked out better this time around. Lots of characters and actors from the first movie return in this one and the movie seems to have found a better balance between their sequence and the ones featuring the Autobots and Decepticons.

An entertaining enough overblown movie to watch but by no means a great one.


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