Third time is the charm? I don't think so. The first two movies within the series were already quite bad and dull movies but this movie is definitely still the worst one out of the bunch.

It's funny how all of the sequels are basically only sequels in name. None of the movies really have something to do with each other and all they have in common is that it features an Ouija board in them. But in this movie the Ouija board doesn't even play a central role, like it did in the first two movies. Guess this movie tries to be more of an horror by featuring evil characters and demons but it's all something we all have seen before.

No, you really can't call this movie renewing or original in any way. It's not really a movie lots of time and effort got spend on and is more one within the franchise that tries to cash in some more. The first two movies were quite successful at the box office (mostly because they were incredibly cheap movies to make) but I just can't imaging this movie doing as well. It's a real formulaic and run of the mill movie.

The could call it bad and uninteresting but to me it just more comes across as so utterly pointless all. This is a completely redundant movie, you can real easily do without.

When it comes down to style and visual look, I really hate '90's movies. I hate the clothes, I hate the haircuts, I hate the music and I hate just the overall look and directing approach of '90's movies. The cheaper movies always have a sort of made for TV look over them, as does this movie.

No, sir this third movie just ain't much good either!


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