Every now and then a movie will make you go; yeah, well whatever! Who cares! And this movie I just couldn't care less about to be frank. It's some pointless drivel that isn't leading up to anything and feels like a very empty and distant movie. Easily one you could do without!

I can actually often appreciate a good art house film but only when I'm able to understand and get taken by its context and the ideas behind it. With this movie I literally often have no idea what is going on and I'm not taken by it at all. The story was just very bland, as were all of its characters and the approach of it all just isn't done very interesting. It's far from a gripping, mysterious or tense movie to watch, though in potential it still really could had been.

With a bit of a more clear and straightforward story and storytelling approach, this movie already could had been such a better one. But it isn't a movie that is following any of the 'rules' and it completely takes its own style and approach with things. It shows the confidence of the director but in this case it seems he really overestimated himself.

Nicolas Roeg always have been a director that is doing his own thing and even his more mainstream movies are definitely artistic ones. However due to his directing approach his movies either work out brilliantly or fall completely flat. I really love some of the stuff he has done over the years but his extreme misses always prevent more from ranking him amongst any of the top directors. This movie for instance is one I just can't appreciate or like at all.

David Bowie doesn't too often act in movies but I have always been quite fond of his acting, so seeing him in a movie is always like a rare treat, though he has also really appeared in a lot of bad films, such as this one unfortunately. I can still like him in this movie, especially in the sequences that he did together with Rip Torn. They really seemed to have some great chemistry together.

A real pointless, empty, movie in my opinion.


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