Still I have yet to see a Fred Olen Ray movie that is half decent. In this movie only its second half is somewhat half decent but as a whole this still remains a quite bad and really poorly done film.

Fred Olen Ray just can't direct. He has no talent for it and his movie are just always a mess. His movies are just so bad, that they aren't even funny or enjoyable to watch and I'm used to seeing some very bad movies, so you can take my word for it.

But having said that, this was probably the first Fred Olen Ray that I didn't hate to watch. It's first half is still absolutely horrible but the movie somewhat redeems itself with its second half, in which finally some stuff is happening.

That is really the biggest problem. For the longest time there isn't happening anything. It's some bad build up, that in fact is only just some time filler, or else the movie would had even been a whole lot shorter than its mere 80 minutes of running time. Besides, it's all done so very bad, with some bad acting, horrible editing and silly characters and dialog, that also just aren't very interesting, combined all with the clueless directing by Fred Olen Ray.

But once the action and horror kicks in, the movie becomes a far more pleasant one. Some moments and its concept does actually work out quite well. It makes it obvious that this could had been a somewhat decent horror flick, with perhaps some more money and some more talent involved. A slasher featuring some Indian ghost. Now doesn't that just sound like a potentially good and interesting concept for a genre movie like this one? Unfortunately the execution of it all is really lacking, as a whole.

I didn't hated it but it's still some bad stuff all.


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