This movie is being made somewhat interesting and watchable due to the approach it is taking. It's taking a realistic approach and completely tells the movie from the view point of an hand held camera, who is recording the killings and capturing the philosophies of a serial killer.

But still, the movie is really far from a great one. The movie tries to make things seem as if they are all real. You could say that the movie tries to play out as a snuff movie but in that regard this movie is simply far from a convincing one. It could had worked out, if only the movie didn't had such a slick look and actually had some decent actors in it as well. It especially becomes apparent during the actual killings that the actors in this movie just aren't among the most talented ones.

Also from a movie with a concept such as this one has, you are perhaps expecting some more blood and gore. But it's quite a tame movie, that often cuts away or moves the camera when a killing is occurring. The concept itself also gets quite tiresome after a while, since the movie is basically more of the same constantly. It's a real short movie but it just doesn't hold your interest completely throughout.

The movie also tries to have a some sort of message and deeper meaning to it all but quite frankly it really isn't clever enough for that to make a real point about anything.

Guess it's still all good enough to watch, maybe just once.


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