Besides of all of the well known, familiar, typical Bollywood type of movies, India was also capable of delivering some genuinely good, little movies.

What makes this movie a good one is that it's being a rather simplistic and little drama, that actually works out more effective because of that. It focuses mainly one main character, that is slowly starting to realize he is loosing everything because of the changing times. It's a movie that works on a dramatic level with its main character and makes all of his emotions and feeling come across very realistic and almost sensible.

Of course the movie is not as stylized and perfectly put together as a big Hollywood movie from around the same time period but nevertheless "Jalsaghar" still is one fine put together movie, by director Satyajit Ray. You can really tell he is a director that progressed over the years, as he gained more and more experience, recognition and money to work with.

Really visually this movie is being great. I really liked the black & white cinematography by Subrata Mitra, who started out his movie career along with Satyajit Ray. It's a movie with an heavy Indian atmosphere over it, so the lovers of its culture will definitely be able to appreciate this movie, all the more.

Simply one fine, effective little drama.


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