Might as well stop watching this movie after its first few minutes, they already spoil everything in there during its intro.

But seriously, I'm still really not sure what to think off this movie. This movie doesn't really fit into one particular genre but in this case that really isn't a good thing. It makes this movie a real mess, that is like a crossover between an Italian giallo, fantasy and soft-core porn. I'm definitely sure I would had liked this movie a whole lot better if it had picked one clear approach.

I guess in essence this movie above all remains soft-core porn because of all of its explicit nudity but even a soft-core production needs sex sequences in it, which this movie strangely enough doesn't have at all. I say strangely enough since it's a trashy European production, that has all of the right settings and female models in it, for it.

And as an horror/mystery or giallo, you just simply can't take this movie seriously enough. It's low budget and it features no real story or mystery in it. It still does feature some gore and other explicit sequences but strangely enough the movie doesn't shock at all with any of it.

What's also really a problem with the movie is that is starts to drag far too early on already. The movie is constantly repeating itself (just like its awful music) but what's even far more annoying are its actual killing sequences. They just go on and on forever with its build-up to it and even when someone gets finally stabbed it still manages to go on and on for the sequence to finally end.

I honestly really loved this movie its visual style and approach, which was also foremost the reason why I still kept on watching but I just feel that this was something that would had worked out way better for an 30 minutes short and not for an 90 minutes full length movie like this one.

Really a disappointment, considering all of its potentional.


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