It's weird, I don't even know what made me want to watch this movie in the first place. Perhaps it was its interesting cast list or the fact I'm often interest in spy thriller but anyway, in the end this just wasn't a very satisfying. It's not one that is horrible or even bad but it really isn't a very exciting or engaging movie to watch.

This is a movie with way too much talking and not even happening. I at least expected one action or chase sequences in this movie but there is absolutely nothing remotely like that in this movie at all. Of course it's alright for a movie to not feature any action in it and to be one that's all about its dialog and story instead but you still have to somehow manage to present and bring it in an interesting package, which just wasn't the case with this movie.

To put it boldly, I just couldn't care less about any of the characters or what was going on with its story. Because of that, this movie just isn't ever a very involving one to watch. It will make you loose interest pretty fast, which makes this movie a bit of a dull one. There are some directors that can get away with telling a story like this in a way this movie does (someone like Michael Mann for instance) but just not a person like John Boorman I'm afraid. Seems to me that this movie would had worked out way better if they made it just a tad bit more entertaining to watch.

John Boorman often sound good in potential but the execution is always lacking, even for his most respected and well known movies. No, guess I'm just not a Boorman fan.

Can't say that the actors didn't give everything though. They really committed themselves to this project, as if it was something Oscar worthy. Geoffrey Rush was especially great and with Jamie Lee Curtis, Brendan Gleeson and Catherine McCormack the movie also has a really solid supporting cast. It was a bit weird seeing Pierce Brosnan in a spy role, since at the time he was still playing James Bond but he gives some nice different twists to his characters in this movie, that help to make him a different one, though on paper it still really was a James Bond type of character, without the gadgets.

Nothing about this movie is horrible but there is also absolutely nothing that makes this a great or special watch.


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