This is an art-house movie, that is being shot as a documentary but without really telling a story. I like it!

Yes, as weird as the concept of this movie sounds and its execution may seem, this is really a great short to watch. The style of filming and editing as simply superb and seemed to be ahead of its time. I can definitely see how this film inspired some well known film-makers and why this is a relevant movie to show in movie classes for instance.

It's a movie filled with great looking shots and some nice quick editing, which provides the movie with an unique looking style. It all got shot on the spot and without a script, which is the reason why this movie comes across as a documentary, while it isn't trying to tell a story really with its images. It's just simply a movie that you have to experience.

A special nice touch is that the movie features no dialog or spoken lines at all. All the movie consists out of are popular and well known '60's musical tracks. And as far as music goes, the '60's of course wasn't the worst decade for it. It truly enhances the mood and style of the movie.

Don't let the subject scare you off, this is a movie well worth watching.


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