(Review originally written at 21 August 2010)

This is definitely one middle of the road and average genre movie. It does nothing too great but also does nothing too bad.

You can certainly blame this movie for having a lack of originality in it. It's just one of those movies that has a simple concept, that serve as an excuses to put in some killings and gore. But the killings and gore themselves also really aren't that much special. It would had liked this movie definitely better if it had only not been more original but more creative as well.

This movie does basically far too little with its premise. They could had definitely spiced up things a little by putting in some good, originally and creative killings. There is just nothing special now about the 'monsterous' killers and the way they get their victims. It's not really ever tense because the movie doesn't ever surprise. You can say a lot about '80's horror but at least back then they really knew how to kill its characters.

This movie is being praised a lot for how gory and shocking it is but quite frankly I just can't agree. As far as the genre goes, this movie really isn't gory enough at all. It has some hints of it in it and it seems that the movie was at times slightly heading toward a torture-porn kind of approach, like for instance movies like "Saw" and "Hostel" were. It might also be due to the lack of originality and true creative that the gore just didn't worked out for me.

But I guess that the movie is still being watchable enough to those who are really into the genre. It's definitely not an horrible movie to watch but I just wished it had some more originality to offer.


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