(Review originally written at 23 August 2010)

Surprisingly enough I had great fun watching this movie. It's definitely more entertaining than the first movie and also has some higher production values but in the long run the movie is till being somewhat overlong.

This movie really is a direct, late, sequel to the 1973 genre classic "Devil in Miss Jones". It even features the same actress, Georgina Spelvin, in the lead again. She was now 9 years older and had obviously gained some more experience in the business. Back in 1973 she was still new and fresh to it all but in this movie she is taking things more from a professional approach and also spend some more time on her acting performance this time. But she was already well in her 40's at the time so her role is being cut a little short this time and she soon has to make some room for younger ladies. They did this in a quite good and creative way, when the devil herself sends her back to earth and she is forced to live in the bodies of several different and younger women, who of course very soon all get involved in all kinds of different sexual acts.

It was nice to see how 'serious' they approached this movie. They had obviously spend some time on writing a decent script and the movie did not just got shot at someone's back-room. They actually went to the trouble to make some costumes and sets for this movie. Nothing too impressive but it's all nevertheless still better and more expensive looking than the first movie. This movie is really a movie, which at times even goes at the expense of the sex sequences. I can definitely say that this movie has more story than sex this time.

I'm not saying that this movie is being anything brilliant but for within its genre it's simply a great one nevertheless. You really have to see these sort of movies in their perspective. You have to appreciate this movie for taking a real cinematic approach and tries to be more than just another average porn-flick.

But it's not as if the movie doesn't know that its not being much good as a movie. Even though it takes a more serious cinematic approach of things, that doesn't mean that the movie is taking itself serious as well. And this is what makes the movie so much fun to watch. It's a movie with plenty of humor and deliberately silly moments and characters in it. I won't lie, I enjoyed the movie quite a lot. The only complained is that it went on for too long. It started to drag and could had easily been cut down 10 minutes or so.

Guess that if you're really looking for some porn that this movie isn't going to be much good for you. In that regard the first movie was a better one. In this movie there are really not that many porn sequences and the ones that are in it are basically constantly more of the same, over and over again. It's also nothing too spectacular or exciting really.

A movie that is surprisingly fun and good to watch.


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