(Review originally written at 20 August 2010)

Back in the '70's there was a short lived time of so called porno chic movies. Movies that were trying to be a bit more than just another porn flick, by lifting up its production values, spend some time on an actual script, getting some decent enough actors for the parts and also by obviously extending its shooting time, to improve the overall quality of the end result. Movies that actual film-critics were send out to see because at the time they were being regarded as art and 'true' movies to be taken serious. They actually grossed a lot of money as well back in the days but for some reason it never became the standard later on for the porn-industry. The producers and studios probably just wanted to shoot simple and fast stuff to gain some quick cash, instead of having to spend quite some time on money on pre-production and shooting the actual film, before making an handsome profit on it.

But luckily there were still plenty of 'classic' porn movies made back in those days. This movie got directed by Gerard Damiano, who also directed the globally best known and earlier genre example "Deep Throat". You simply have got to admire what he tried for the genre. He actually made some good movies, that were just happen to be adult ones.

But have no illusions, it's not as if this is a brilliantly constructed or shot story with an award winning complicated story and brilliant actors. But you simply have to see this movie in perspective. This movie is so much more and way more special than just another average porn flick.

It still has a quite simplistic story that only serves as an excuse to put in as many sex scene's as possible, involving the main character. She gets in all kinds of sexual acts, with men, women, an occasional threesome and also some solo stuff. It basically is all the stuff you can expect from an hardcore flick such as this, that of course was still in the first place being made to 'please' its male audience.

And hey, it's '70's porn, so that means lots of hair and bad mustaches, as well as some bad dubbing during the actual sex scenes. But all of this has become such a part of the charm of '70's porn and makes it so irresistible and entertaining.

But I was actually quite surprised to see how much time they as well spend on scene's just featuring some dialog. And there are some pretty well set up moments as well, such as the opening sequences. On top of that it was refreshing to see that actors actually took their job seriously and give away some pretty decent performances. I actually think some of these guys and girls went to acting school or something.

Put in perspective, this really is a classic porn flick.


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